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At SalvaASIST, we want your company to achieve success, which is why we offer specialized technical assistance focused on the development of good practices both responsible with the environment and human development.

Each day, the international market is demanding quality products and services, while not neglecting the respect for the worker and the environment. In response, SalvaNATURA created the SalvaASIST program, which consists of technical assistance, consulting, and training in best practices for sustainable management in businesses and production units.

In addition to these services, SalvaASIST supports openness to relationships with potential markets and financing advisory for green projects in agriculture, tourism, natural areas and climate change projects.

Technical Assistance Services

SalvaASIST offers a wide range of services in accordance to your needs:

Diagnosing your companies by evaluating both social and environmental performance. This allows you to implement practices consistent with international standards, without losing focus on improving productivity and quality to their products or services.

Corrective action plans that will improve your businesses in an organized manner, planning your resources and efficiently assigning responsibilities.

Social and environmental management systems, that is to say programs and policies, which will guide the company in the long run.

Follow-up visits through which we provide direct advice to companies in order to assist in the implementation of the within the required time and resources, according to the business’s commitments.

Advice on sustainable markets, which consists of support that directly and specifically targets your market of sustainable products, including recommendations to achieve excellent commercial relations and buyers tours to sustainable farms.

Advice on financing for biodiversity-friendly businesses according to your financial expectations and capabilities, identifying financing sources that offer competitive advantages to your business.

Trainings to ensure that your staff is always familiarized with certification norms and with innovative practices of sustainability, searching for ways to improve productivity and the quality of your products and services, without leaving aside both social and environmental responsibility.

Maps under the Geographical Information System that will allow you to better understand your property, make a wise use of resources, neatly plan business development, and demonstrate your social and environmental performance, giving you a competitive surplus value to your property.

Inventories of biodiversity on farms and private natural areas, which will allow you to better understand the importance of your business in the context of global flora and fauna, make sound decisions for the conservation of biodiversity and decisively demonstrate its environmental commitment.

Management of private natural areas helping you in the biological protection, planning and research; and finding funding sources. Thus, the producer, the company or institution will ensure success in the protection of natural areas with our advice, since we have a solid 20 years’ experience in management of protected natural areas of El Salvador.

Carbon Sequestration Projects, as a cost effective option, measures the amount of carbon stored on farms, and qualify for new markets.

Sustainable Farm Management consists of assistance in the efficient management of your farms to implement good practices that improve agriculture and social responsibility.

Monitoring of agricultural loans is a service for the intermediary banks and financial institutions that allows them to effectively manage your loans in the agricultural field.

Valuation of estates: we offer valuation of your agricultural property, including an estimate of the value in terms of environmental and social projects.


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