SalvaNATURA started this Project with the creation of a nursery for the incubation of sea turtle eggs, at Costa del Sol beach, according to legal guidelines established by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN). 


–         Improve the conservation status of sea turtles in El Salvador, supporting regional conservation efforts.

–         Promote the establishment of suitable models of nurseries for new and existing projects.

–         Provide a technical tool to monitor, evaluate and follow up the conservation of sea turtles.

–         Promote the protection, conservation and recovery of sea turtle populations and the habitats on which they depend through environmental education.

–         Involve communities in the conservation of the species and tourism opportunities derived from conservation actions.

We all need to work together to conserve sea turtles, avoiding the consumption of their eggs, not killing adult turtles that are on the beaches, not polluting the seas, supporting nurseries to keep the balance in the ecosystem and new generations to appreciate.

Be a part of SalvaTORTUGA!

Package 1

Lecture and release of turtles.


Package 2

Transport, lecture and release of turtles.


Package 3

Transport, lunch at La Hola Beto’s – Costa del Sol, lecture and release of turtles.


Adopt a nest

Contribute to the maintenance of the nursery and to the acquisition of eggs.



Phone: (503) 2202-1515


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