Adopt a Forest

Adopt a Forest is a fundraising program that seeks to fund specific conservation actions in El Imposible, Los Volcanes and Montecristo National Parks.

Through this program, both businesses and individuals can symbolically adopt a forest, helping in their preservation and care.

SalvaNATURA needs your urgent and constant help to protect natural resources and save our country from water pollution, burning and indiscriminate felling of our scarce natural forests and coffee plantations, and the extinction of thousands of endangered species of our flora and fauna.

“Adopt a Forest” is a permanent program that acts as the popular and urgent response of contributing to SalvaNATURA to save and reverse the degradation of our scarce natural resources and the life of all Salvadorans.

When you participate in this program, you will be an essential part of the maintenance of our parks and the development of specific ideas to accomplish this.


Phone: (503) 2202-1515


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