BP – Area Management

Known as Bicentennial Park, it reached the Ecological Park category, according to the Law of Protected Natural Areas, which defines it as an area with significant environmental value to the public interest.


–          Extensive use: forestry management (20.61 hectares)

–          Intensive use: greater impact and incidence by the public

–          Buffer or special purpose: this area is where La Unión II community and the ANDA tank are located (2.51 hectares)

–          Semi-intensive use: 6.85 hectares

Permanent security:

–          43 park rangers. However, on weekends, being of greater visitations, we receive the support of 12 additional agents from Cuerpo de Agentes Metropolitanos of the Municipality of El Salvador.

Closed circuit cameras, distributed in strategic points of the Park with 24 hour monitoring.

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