El Imposible National Park

El Imposible is the largest national park of El Salvador and is located in the coastal elevations of the Pacific Ocean in Ahuachapán, between the municipalities of San Francisco Menéndez and Tacuba, south-west of the Ruta de las Flores.

This protected area is considered the country’s most important natural relic for being an endangered (dry and tropical dry forest) ecosystem, but also for being one of the last refuges for an incredibly diverse community of wildlife, source of water for the area and owner of scenic beauty for sustainable tourism development.

It is for this reason, that, every year, El Imposible receives over 8,000 tourists visiting its 4,000 hectares of forest, which are protected by 25 rangers and shown by a team of 20 local tourist guides. In the park, visitors may find: 500 plant species, over 100 mammals, 53 amphibians and reptiles, 285 birds and over 5,000 species of butterflies.

But tourists also look for adventure not found anywhere else in the country. The steep topography of El Imposible certainly becomes an opportunity for extreme walking tours and taking breathtaking pictures.

The hikes take place between the lower and the steep slopes, watching the suspended rocks from below, next to the cliffs and the rivers, with its water running through flat strips and falling in surprising hollows. This trip’s warm temperature definitely restores health and tests our visitor’s physical condition.

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