LV – History

Thanks to its trayectory in the proper handling and management of El Imposible National Park, in May 2002, SalvaNATURA signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources co-manage Los Volcanes National Park.

Thus, our organization takes on the challenge to preserve and consolidate Los Volcanes as a tourist destination in order to generate revenue for the maintenance and sustainable use of the Park. Two months later, this commitment is strengthened by an agreement between SalvaNATURA and Grupo ROBLE, in which a monetary donation was announced to cover operating costs of the natural area for a period of five years.

Grupo ROBLE has an honored place in the history of the environment in El Salvador since it is the greatest example of private initiative in supporting environmental conservation. With their input and collaboration of entities such as the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, CATIE and Friends of SalvaNATURA, Los Volcanes has:

  • General management plan
  • Special plans of surveillance- control and public use
  • Technical personnel and resource rangers

Ecotourism and educational infrastructure for visitors

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