EI – Infrastructure

Enjoy and learn about the Park’s wealth in a safe and comfortable environment thanks to permanent remodeling, development and rehabilitation projects carried out by SalvaNATURA’s Department of Natural Areas.


Located in what once was the center of the Hacienda San Benito, 100 meters after the Park entrance. It is a large wooden house, which was restored in 1999 to accommodate the Interpretation Center, offices, a souvenir shop, a small cafeteria, parking and restrooms.

The rangers and tour guides are assigned in this center.

Visitors can tour the Interpretation Center, where they are able to learn some of the Park’s history and other useful facts about conservation. The entrance is free.


Before touring at El Imposible, make sure to stop by our souvenir shop, where you can purchase caps, maps, bird identification guides, raincoats, knives, t-shirts and other useful accessories for your adventure.

In the store you may find handycrafts of El Imposible, which have been made by the communities of San Miguelito and San Francisco Menéndez. You will find articles such as books, post cards, vases, key rings and calendars of SalvaNATURA.

Mixtepe Souvenir Shop is run by an artisan of the San Miguelito Community, thus contributing to the economy of the Community and benefiting many of its inhabitants. However, SalvaNATURA is currently in the process of executing a project to support micro-companies dedicated to rural tourisms, which is why you’ll soon find more stores with an even broader array of products.


The three camping areas of El Imposible National Park do not offer already-installed tents, which is why visitors must bring their own. To get to these places, you could walk or drive (a 4×4 vehicle) through the park’s roads. You must follow the Ruta de Los Enganches and Piedra Sellada.

Camping Area #1

This is nearest to Mixtepe Visitors Center. The tourists can either stay in their tents on the ground or on terraces. This area has a small grove, ideal for big groups of visitors that wish to spend the night in the same place. In this area you may find grills, picnic tables and restrooms.

Camping Area #2

Ideal for small groups of visitors that wish to camp on wooden platforms and under a roof. This area has a small parking lot, grills, picnic tables and restrooms.

Camping Area #3

If you and your group want to camp away from the noise and surrounded by nature, this is the best camping area for you. You climb a small mountain to find this place hidden in the thick forest. It has enough accommodated space for small tents and restrooms.


There is a parking lot for small vehicles and collective transportation in each section of the park. The cost of the parking is $1.00 per vehicle, per day. The parking lots are all safe and provide permanent security (rangers, park staff and national police); however, it is recommended not to leave valuables in your cars.

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