Los Volcanes Recommendations


  • Start your visit at the Visitors’ centers
  • Call SalvaNATURA and get the instructive materials or ask for a ranger to better enjoy your visit
  • Stay on the trails
  • In order to enjoy the sound of nature and to increase the possibilities of seeing an mammal, bird, reptile or amphibian, walk in silence
  • Go hiking in small groups, this way you can all have more fun while being safer
  • Take a plastic bag with you so you can carry your garbage with you instead of throwing it in the park
  • Do not take rocks, logs, and plants because they occupy a specific site and perform an important function within the Park. If you move, damage or alter them in any way, you will be causing a negative impact on ecosystems
  • If you are hiking in the complex, bring at least 1 liter of water per person and vulcanized sole shoes. Be sure to walk in the company of a ranger or tour guide

Do not bring pets to the Park

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