Los Volcanes Tours

Cerro Verde Sector

Easily accessible by the paved road (Carretera a Cerro Verde), this sector has a Visitors’ Center that is managed by the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism, an institution that grants tourists the permission to enter the Cerro Verde (phone: 2222-8000). It has trails, orchid house, gazebos, cafeteria, local guides and a mountain hotel that is not open to the public, but visitors can tour the terrace with a magnificent view of Izalco Volcano.

Furthermore, once being in place, walks are organized under police escort to the other volcanoes (Santa Ana and Izalco).

San Blas Sector

Tourists can get there by car through a 200 meter long dirt road. It is located at the 11th km, after the detour to Cerro Verde. It has a ranger station and is the starting point to the three trails leading to the main volcanoes of the Park.

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