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The Rainforest Alliance Certification is an international certification program for livestock farms and agricultural crops such as coffee, bananas, cocoa, citrus and more. Based on the concept of Sustainable Development, the Rainforest Alliance SS_Logo_RACcertification recognizes that the welfare of societies and ecosystems depends on an environmentally responsible, socially equitable and economically viable human development.


SalvaNATURA is a founding member of the Sustainable Agricultural Network (RAS) since 1999 and the promoter of the Rainforest Alliance certification in El Salvador.


Rainforest Alliance certification benefits us all!


Benefits for Producers

"We have been certified since 2004 and this has brought us great social, environmental, and economical benefits, such as the national recognition; the awakening of our partners, employees and the population; environmental awareness, which includes protection of wildlife, soil conservation, and avoiding deterioration of vegetation in general, for example, avoiding prohibited chemicals. All this leads to greater life expectancy for the population, amongst other things, "Mr. Próspero Trejo, General Manager of the Cooperative Society of Ciudad Barrios, San Miguel.


Benefits for Exporters

"As leaders in the coffee industry, one of the best ways to support sustainable coffee production is by increasing the market of responsibly produced coffee. We are buying large quantities of certified sustainable coffee from El Salvador, and this commitment drives the coffee farmers to carry out the necessary environmental and social improvements to obtain favorable results from SalvaNATURA’s audits.

Farms that interpret the Rainforest Alliance standard for Sustainable Agriculture are more efficient and become better places to work and more pleasant to live in. Forests, water resources, biodiversity and other natural resources preserved in certified farms actually benefit all Salvadorans, both for the present and the future", Annemieke Wijn, Director of the Sustainable Products Program from Kraft Foods Inc.


Benefits for Consumer 

"Buying coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms gives me the feeling that I can do something to change the world. I know it's only a small contribution, but together, we – as consumers – have much more power than we often realize. It's a win-win situation: farms improve biodiversity, forest recovery, farmers and their families end up winning and I drink high-quality coffee." Heleen Zomer, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

"Yesterday morning I drank a cup of hot Rainforest Alliance certified coffee in the neighborhood shop. What tasted the best and lasted the most was the sensation that accompanied it- responsible, sustainable, rewarding – until the last drop", Stephen Fenichell, New York, USA.

"I like to drink Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and know that I am helping with the protection of my country's forests." Maribel Álvarez, San Vicente, El Salvador.


Steps to apply for Rainforest Alliance Certification

  • Complete the application form: To do so, follow the instructions and attach all the information required by SalvaNATURA.
  • Wait for the quote of audit services: After analyzing the request, SalvaNATURA issues a quote. The costs associated with the certification are:

    • Audit Cost: Includes logistics costs and audit fees.
    • Annual Fee: Once the certification is obtained, the client must pay $7.50 per hectare in individual farms and $5.00 per hectare in group certification.
    • Investment for Improvements: Are paid by each farm or company according to its improvement plan.
  • Audit planning: After receiving the approved quote and payment, SalvaNATURA creates an audit plan in which are described the objectives, scope and methodology, as well as the dates of the audits. In order to be launched, this plan must be approved by the producer.
  • Certification decision: Lastly, the producer receives the response of the Certification Committee through SalvaNATURA. If the farm or group obtains the certification, a certification agreement is sent. This agreement must be signed by the producer and is valid for three years; however, it is subject to the results obtained in the annual audit.


Phone: (503) 2202-1501

E-mail: info@salvacert.org


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