EI – Recommendations

Tourists visiting El Imposible must comply with the following rules, in order not to commit offenses against the law protecting this natural area:

–          Do not disrespect or disobey authorized personnel: rangers, guides and managers

–          Do not bring pets

–          Do not remove timber or firewood without permission

–          Do not trim or cut trees, shrubs or other vegetation

–          Do not remove living or dead plants

–          Do not collect, capture, hunt, fish, or trade in specimens of the park

–          Do not extract dead animal parts  that can be found in the forest

–          Do not collect or extract rocks, minerals and fossils

–          Do not litter or deposit any pollutant

–          No smoking inside the Park

–          Do not consume any type of drug product within the park boundaries

–          Do not consume alcoholic beverages

–          Do not operate any device or sound equipment such as radios, CD players, speakers or speakers

–          Do not enter the park while intoxicated or doped

–          Do not carry firearms

–          Use the restrooms, not the plants

–          Do not light fires in areas outside camping areas

–          Do not damage the area facilities, equipment, materials or other property belonging to the administration

–          Do not leave the trails or make new ones

–          Do not disturb or disrespect other visitors


  • Wear suitable shoes
  • Use caps, hats or scarves to protect yourself from the sun
  • Carry sufficient drinking water
  • If you are camping, bring your own tent
  • In wet weather, bring a waterproof poncho
  • Carry insect repellent
  • Wear light clothes, preferably cotton in light colors
  • Read the rules for tourists (written in the back of the entrance ticket)

Don’t forget to bring medicines for people with chronic diseases.

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